Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I am trying to write bilingual posts now. Each paragraphs will be translated instantly from English to French. I find it easier that way.

Mes posts seront bilingues maintenant, ce sera plus simple comme cela.

So, as you guys know, we have troubles with the zoning of the MRC. We tried everything: talking to people, trying to argue, talk to the politicians, the news, even puppies eyes --- nothing worked. And well, even if in some areas we have made contacts and we raised a warning signal, we can't pretend to stay here, work on that place, invest tons of money if it's to leave. MRC opinion is stuck in a piece of concrete. "urban" zones (I still can believe they call us urban, I am looking at the window right now and the first thing I see is a pick up truck in a cornfield near a John Deere tractor ...) are meant to be urban and odor/noise/animals free.

Donc, comme vous le savez déjà. nous avons de la difficulté avec le zonage absolument ridicule de la MRC. Nous avons tout essayé, on a parlé aux médias, aux politiciens, on a essayé de faire valoir notre point, on a même fait les yeux doux! Rien n'a vraiment fonctionné. Et bon, même si au niveau de la politique on a fait quelques pas en avant, il nous est pratiquement impossible de rester ici. Si on se met à tout rénover à coup de dizaine de milliers de dollars et qu'après coup on se fait dire de partir, c'est pas super. L'opinion de la MRC est coulée dans le béton, les zones urbaines (j'en reviens toujours pas qu'on parle d'urbanisme alors que nous sommes entourés de mais!) doivent être exemptes d'odeurs, de bruits et d'animaux ...

So, we've decided to check for other places. We found one. Here it is :

Alors nous avons décidé de regarder ailleurs et nous avons trouvé, la voici:

We are going to move as soon as the house in Drummondville will be sold as our offer has been accepted last Sunday.

Nous allons déménager dès que nous aurons vendu notre maison de Drummondville, notre offre à été accepté dimanche passé.


  1. OH MY GOSH, I LOVE it!!! NIce find! Fingers crossed for you, how awesome would that be. It's just beautiful (and I assume you've checked for ALL the zoning issues, animals, vegetables, fish, birds, etc, ha. .

    Good luck!!!

    1. Yeah we did ... but remember we did it too here... and look at the results :-D That's the thing with Quebec, you can never be sure. Though this one is far on a quiet lane, and the owners still have animals - hence I have rights that would be transferred, which wasn't the case here ... It is surrounded by nothing but corn (as there is no houses - well there is but far and them too are farmers) here I am more in a village surrounded by corn - that's the main "trouble".

  2. this place looks wonderful! good luck! i hope it all works out!

    1. It will. We just have to sell the house in Drummondville. We are keeping the Coquelicots, it will serve for other projects.

  3. A new house looks lovely but still I can't understand why they say "NO" to you :/. I know that you have a home not so near real urban zone, and...the development plan was showed that you can do a farm in that place so.... wrrr.
    Anyway...hope a home in Drummondville will be sell soon as it possible and after all you will find your own piece of paradise without people whose change their mind all time :)