Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Secret Garden

We are planning the garden right now. Well, in fact we are planning more the "fruit garden" than anything else. 

We found a place that delivers trees, fruit trees that are rustic in Quebec and that were to a fair price. Hubby is going to order them next Monday and we plan to receive and plant them by the end of April! That will come fast.

We will also plan tons of oaks and maples in a part of the land around 1,5 acres in the middle we will place "a secret garden".

As for the kitchen and the ants, we think we had "visitors" from a nest that is far from us. It's not rare in Quebec. What a relief!

Yesterday we went to Trois-Rivières to buy an antique table that will be our kitchen Island .. for 100$ that's a steal!

Today we went to Granby area and found wallpaper for the kitchen for 1$ a roll ... a steal too.

That's about it for the news.

A bit of Loreena McKennitt to dream about my future garden!

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