Monday, February 13, 2012

Cabinets ! Cabinets ! Cabinets!

We found the cabinets with a big C. Those are pine wooden ones. I found them on Kijiji, you know that’s a bit like Craigslist but for Canada. I found them to a fairly good price (800$) and when we arrived at the place to see them, the owner gave us, ogees, wooden floors and ceiling for the same price, I was sooooo happy!

The major thing will be to put them off the walls of the person who sold them to us. That will take a lot of time and helpers. My best friend already said yes, and I am flirting with my cousin so he and his boyfriend could come to help us, still no answer on his side, though.
We will probably buy butcher block like counters from IKEA. We would have love to find used ones, but on that matter we would have to go with new since after 4 months of research nothing was offered to a price that was 
acceptable for our wallet.

That’s the news for now.
Stay tuned.
A lil song as we are going. And before we leave ... a super kitsch video from my teenage years ... but so "apropos"! Hahaha!

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