Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kitchen of dreams, Kitchen of nightmares

I know I've been a bad bad girl again. I've not written for days.
Plenty of things going on.
For one thing, we started the kitchen rebuilding ...
We have pulled out multiple layers of totally horrible floor coverings. We are rebuilding the kitchen, it’s our first room finally. We made a plan but the plan totally changed. So I guess that by the end of May, if all goes to plan, I will be able to wash dishes in a kitchen, not in a bathroom! Haha! We sold our cupboards, the former ones that were in the present "kitchen" soon to be dining room. The guy is supposed to come and pick them up by February 25th. We switched the windows that were in the future dining room to the kitchen. We did that by a wonderful sunny day with - 10 outside. Yeah baby, Quebec people are crazy like that!

So we are still building the kitchen I have no idea what it will look like but all I know is that I am doing my best to be "fair to my dreams" haha!

On the downside, we had our first "visitors" ... We had one mouse during a huge wind storm (100 km/h wind) that cut the power down and brought half of the trees of my neighbours in my yard ... Well, not the trees but the branches, anyways you got the idea. A mouse and no power in a dark night ... Who wants to say I am very girly again?

Other visitors, less fun that time are there. We have carpenter ants. In a wooden house this is not very funny. We called the exterminator, he seemed not so stressed about it, so ... I guess there is nothing to worry about if we do the treatment as indicated.

The scenery is still nice, we pass the first winter, which was the hardest one I guess with no kind of specific heater. We are looking for some alternative to electric power such as wind power and solar power. Still nothing installed but we have plans.

Isn't he cute?
We also bought a rabbit. We named him Fibonacci.

So that's about it.

I keep you posted.

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