Friday, December 21, 2012

The 15 days of Christmas - Day 1

We have 15 days of vacation starting today until Jan 7th. We plan to make the most of it. In order to feel better afterwards, I plan on writing all we did during those 15 days.

Day 1.

Well, this morning husband went to pick up our brand new heating system. Can you guys believe that even if we are in Quebec, we have been heating the house with nothing more than 1 heater in the crawlspace and like 2 space heaters ... well let say that we had a rough time lately (strangely it was ok last year) so we went to buy some.

Since I've got a relapse of my disease two weeks ago (damn Pistacchios - but at least we got the culprit!) and that husband got sick ... Let say that the coop was not sparkling clean like it is normally. So we spent most of the day scrapping chicken shit, cleaning up everything and disinfecting the feeders.

We've also moved Coton (our rabbit) to a new space, leaving us more space to put some other small coops.

I did some laundry and some clean up in the house (that is also badly needed).

It's almost 4 o'clock now and I am exhausted. I am learning to check the signs that brings me to being too tired. When I exhaust myself, it's bad for my disease.

I've also have some pain in the back because of the fall I've made in the stairs yesterday and the stiff muscles from my lane departure on the highway 20 while going to my father's factory on Tuesday ... there was a snow storm and I missed the exit and I ended up in the field. I've got the scare of my life.

Tonight we are going to see my students making a lip-sync show in the village's school.

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