Monday, December 10, 2012

Joy and sore muscles ...

I am read!! J
I am always a bit afraid about that. Not in a bad way nor in a …  how to say that? It’s not that I am afraid, but I've been judged so much in my life that when someone says he or she reads the blog, I have mixed feelings. Joy that I am being read and knowing that I might be interesting enough to be read and the fact that I might say something that will make people think less of me or of us.
Well, people that are reading me and that are meeting me in real life. I am glad you read and are still happy with the fact you know us! J

Anyways, I am read!

Wow, what a weekend! All the stuff we have done  this weekend is amazing!

First on Friday night, we got prepared for the weekend, we took care of the animals and all.

Then on Saturday, we build a new cage for our Phoenixes and then we moved Oreo and Neige in a new cage (they seemed pretty happy of that... Neige was hopping around in her cage).

On Sunday, we went to meet a couple who did homesteading for 30 years. They are now selling their farm because they are "too old" (remark the brackets - I don't think they are) and now they move back to my former town ... poor them ...

Well anyways, so I went to see those people and we really connected with the couple. They gave us two Guinea Fowls and tons of stuff ... plus they sold us around $3000 worth of farming stuff ... for like $300. I was in heaven!!! That place of theirs was amazingly well done. Like my dream place really.

We will surely inspire ourselves from that place to build the houses here.

We also got two new cats, Strudel and Chausson. They are both pretty cute. Though they don't seem to keen of the barn so we rapidly build them a shelter on the porch last night as snow was coming.

With the new equipment we got from the couple, we will soon produce chicks!

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