Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Feeling of Doing for Real

I don't know how to explain it but since I've been living here (It's been a year since last October 15th btw) I have that feeling of accomplishment that I've never felt before.
Days fly, literally!
We are always doing stuff that are feeling real. That have concrete impact. Building a pen for the hens. Taking out the leaves of the garden, putting them in compost, a compost that will then serve during the years after ... Our activities are intimately connected to the results, to our life. I have less and less the feeling that I am selling my time for a virtual pay landing in my bank account each two weeks that would suddenly disappeared in some endless hole.
I am trying to convince my husband that this life is the life we have to do for the rest of our lives. He is still afraid. I am sure this place has enough potential to become a bursting farm that would make us live and make us a living ...


  1. I'm sure it has too. You already have that feeling of accomplishment... go with your gut! Keep 'seeing' your bursting sustainable farm, and it will become one.
    As for your chickens.. they might have been sick maybe? Sudden weather changes can do it and they may have gotten Cocchi.. the bain of chicken owners lives. Easily treatable if you can get some 'Coxiprol', and add it to their water to break the cycle of this little parasite that gets into their tummies. But keep 'doing it for real' and I wish you every success! Jacqui

    1. Is it chemical?
      Of course the chickens were sick, a cold you know. Though, the one that are gone are the one I suspected wouldn't live long (in retrospect ...) they were not top shape.
      It's quite hard to have "pills" here in Quebec. Especially if you want to do things "your way". But I'll check thanks for stopping by