Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nothing ventured ...

Saturday - 6:32 pm ...

I am in my kitchen eating raw macaronis. Yup, some do cokaine, some do alcohol, some spend money ... I do macaronis.

I am in TOTAL despair. You know we have a bad moment.

First, Thursday night, I went to see the cats and Cayenne before leaving home (I always do that) and Azul arrived with a bump the size of a bubble gum on her face.

Called the vet, probably an abscess, an appointment was given for the day after.

Went to the vet, heard Azul screaming in pain while they were emptying the abscess ... started to cry, looked like a fool, well I think husband was the only one seeing me.

Saturday morning, went in town to pick some things that was given to us (cement) it was outside and, of course, it was raining like hell.

Started to sneeze.

Went back home at around 12:30, had lunch ...

Decided to make apple/maple jam out of the apple that were left from a previous canning experience.

1. The recipe didn't worked well, when the jam reached 104 Celsius, a huge mushroom of foam formed almost instantly, went all on the oven.
2. When canning, water bath tub was too full, went all on the oven.
3. When putting the last jar in the hot bath tub, it broke and the bottom fell, as a result the whole jar emptied itself in an horrible mess.

Husband started to put back the electricity in the barn (it's super needed as the cold is arriving super fast).

1. Was still raining like crazy making the work harder.
2. Didn't advance that much.

Went to feed the hens, most of them are sick now. Even if we are giving them treatment it doesn't seem to work.

Cayenne destroyed part of the hens' pen.

I am cold
I am tired
I am in despair

I am eating macaronis.

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