Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Since a picture worths a thousand word

Here are some pics of the place and our furry friends.

Me fighting a door last March

Our inside cat, Cassis

Our rabbit, Fibonacci

Our cat, Muscade

In April (yeah temp varies a lot in Quebec) trying to clean up the mess that was outside (left by the former owner)

The mess before and after. At least now the mess is compost!

Part of the farm exterior ... the soon to be unbuild pool :(

The land, where we cultivate our veggies

Growing asparagus

The barn with a brand new Mulberry tree, the mess was still there ...

The land just before planting in June

Eole, our first barn cat and I

This is our cat, Camille

This is our now amazingly pregnant, Soleil

This is our Uccle rooster, called Mr Dujardin

His wife, Mrs Dujardin

This our dog, Cayenne (costs less than the car!) she is a Saint-Pyrenee or as I like to call her, a Pybernard.

This is our Sultan hen, Jasmine

And her husband, Aladin

This is part of our coop, Casanova, our Ancona rooster and his wife (well one of his wife) Bettina are missing.
One of our rabbit, Oreo

Our small Isis

Lil Moutarde


  1. Adorable!!! And great property, wow that garden patch is awesome. Can't wait to see what comes out of it. And asparagus??? I'm jealous I LOVE asparagus! Good job!

    1. Yeah, we were lucky enough to grab some asparagus 4 years ago that we planted at our former city home. Just before we left we took it and replant it here, it worked! :)

  2. What beautiful scenery and such adorable pets! :)
    And I can relate to the restoration/renovations; the original farmhouse doors in our cottage had been varnished by a previous owner. I tried stripping them, but it took too long and I'm terribly lazy and it just seemed like a lot of work when we planned on painting the doors anyhow. You can imagine my relief when I discovered they make prep (undercoat) that goes straight over varnish now! Makes renovations a whole lot easier, that's for sure!

    1. Good to know ! :)
      I never finished that door finally, I would have to go on sometime during the fall!