Saturday, October 29, 2011

The news and other desesperations

It's hard. Harder than I thought, well no not true, it's as tough as I expected it but the fact that the begining have been easier made me believe that the rest would be piece of cake.

I was wrong. Having a fragile health makes it more complicated. I knew the importance of heat on my body. The importance of taking hot baths each day. (well don't believe I don't bathe or shower, I do but in warmish water) The importance of having confortable seats and place to be.

My muscles are screaming in pain every day. I don't really tell Husband, 'cause I don't want him to be more pressured that he is already. Fighting the pain that is there makes my energy going lower and lower to a point it might be dangerous.

The fact that we have no kind of support, especially by my parents make it harder. Dad helped us of course, but it's easy to see they find us crazy to do what we are doing. They just don't understand that if I would have stayed in the place I was, no recovery would have been possible. Of course now I am feeling worst than worst but I know that in a year of two, maybe sooner, I will be way better than I was.

Moving from the other place took us plenty of time. It might seem crazy but moving an whole house to another is already something, imagine when you are moving a whole house to one that isn't ready yet.

The renters didn't help really too, like they were asking like every two hours when we will be done. Plus, they damaged things in the other house and tried to make us responsible. A lovely couple ... :-(

We sent the tractor to our neighbor so he can be repaired. The numbers of repairs to be done are considerable but knowing that the tractor would have cost us just 1000$ is great thinking that we will be able to mow the lawn (would have cost us more than 1000$ per summer) and clean out the snow this winter (would have cost us 300$ per season or so) so it is paying by itself.

Husband is trying to solve the water problem in the bathroom. There was water coming out from one of the pipes and it was going through the floors and walls.

This afternoon he plans to install the dryer, let's pray the electic wire will be ok. If not, that will be more tricky to manage.

I don't give up.

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